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tv   Headline News  RT  July 3, 2014 7:00am-7:30am EDT

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well it's called my. death and devastation in a small eastern ukrainian village bombed by the country's air force we bring you an exclusive report from the scene. this is the city of kramatorsk where residential areas of come under heavy artillery fire by the ukrainian army more civilian deaths and injuries reported in. israel launching airstrikes on gaza vowing to retaliate for the slaying of three israeli teenagers as jerusalem sees it the biggest clashes in years triggered by the killing of a seventeen year old palestinian. militants seize control of a key town along the a rocky syrian border expanding their control in the region
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and we travel to the cities overrun by extremists. three pm in moscow thank you very much for joining us we have dramatic footage from a village in eastern ukraine which has been ravaged by deadly airstrikes at least seven killed by army raids on congress including a five year old child it's feared that number of casualties may rise artie's marie if an ocean managed to get to the village right after the attack just a warning you may find some of the images in her report disturbing as you can just . twenty five kilometers from the guns houses and steal. at least five aerial bombs were dropped here this join an entire street and killing several people manage to my huge billboard prove that i could browse korea didn't
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warn you about alexander invites us to follow him his backyard has become a killing field gelida going to do a lot of what it was or wasn't isaac yeah but that's all that's a good point there are big shots. just next door and other human tragedy a sort of part of north wind mcclinton the order of business they would lose gordon a couple running the war it is not the war fault you want it but needs a warning as much of his own that it's a good idea so quick to andrés family was fortunately not a time at the time of the shelling. he says it would have killed them. what do i think thank you to crane's air force just hours ago the ceasefire ended and kiev resumed what it calls its and terrible ration in eastern ukraine you should use here because you didn't need the you had a budget is that. the hope was at least the food in the foot of the women who were
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flushing them this little worker she would mistletoe look when she would leave it whether you like him better she didn't go the boy did you or the brewer should go out of the city you believe when you'll be aware in the world will do a lot that you are you not a good reader should know you are going to go over with the issue of religion just in festering military pilot told us why he thinks the village was targeted they were there for the other film there were some of us. that were there look at that they have you know he wants money to help him with his letter to be assertive those are just supposed members going to war no no no no you weren't always door to door live here bush should be nurturing believe war is possible as it's a good feel good is night suddenly we hear the sound of shells exploding you know what are your plans are you going to shoot here now i carry but god knows so we have to run now that i get it all can't get here that's for. sure or nothing.
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they say that. subject has forces base is three hundred kilometers away here here. on our way back we stopped by a local hospital. a day before the local power station was hit in another shelling since then there has been new running water and no electricity and you. see no settling for all children only to someone who took with him you. just to. see what you mean to you what should we find alexander's father him and the injured he says he sees no point in leaving now that his wife's gone through three horrible. the slaughter moment i don't know but what you know no matter who you are who are. it's getting dark and doctors tell us we'd better hurry up
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we come back to the guns. is the last bridge before the city and there was sign of it out of the romney minds here but is that true. why is that so the enemy cannot get through the bridge and it was a checkpoint. just this up to phone was generals who thought this through our driver told us that this was the last checkpoint will start again with the shock of it which they were somebody happened and they say they are surprised why was a little of the first target goebbels ins when the checkpoint to the nearest checkpoint is ten kilometers away it seems that no one has an answer for this question. eastern ukraine. more details on the tragedy in maria's twitter account following closely the situation there and other towns being targeted by the kiev military operation. the city of kramatorsk in eastern ukraine
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under heavy artillery fire overnight as kiev steps up its operation against anti government forces there these are pictures from the scene residential areas badly damaged local media reports several deaths and injuries ukrainian forces allegedly using multiple rocket launchers to attack the defiant city when ending the short term truce president poroshenko promised the army would only target and government positions but residential apartments have been hit by the shelling despite this u.s. appears to be standing by and support of kiev's actions. humans are our view is that the iranian security forces operations have been modern and measured they've been taking steps to maintain calm within their own country since the. government's actions to this point since the end. is moderately measured. and government forces in the advanced region release
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ukrainian t.v. journalists they suspected of spying were also getting reports over russian border checkpoint being hit by shells fired from ukrainian territory click on r.t. dot com for more details and follow live updates on the situation. in. israel is launching dozens of air strikes on gaza after a barrage of rockets was fired into the country from the strip attacks came hours after the israeli prime minister blamed hamas for murdering three jewish teenagers found dead in the west bank monday and vowed the gaza based group would pay a quote high price for the killings. you're still shaken by the biggest clashes in years as crowds seek justice after a seventeen year old palestinian was killed in the east of the city it's a specter the boy was kidnapped and murdered in retaliation for the deaths of the jewish youngsters to discuss more in the situation i'm joined live by political
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analyst. joining us from gaza thank you for joining us here so israel has promised retaliation against hamas who claims it was behind the queue it claims was behind the killings what israel's evidence up to this point. well i think it has no evidence. what the accusation made by the israeli side were denied completely by hamas is what hamas leaders in the gaza strip i think that who zeeshan off to war policy minister from the west bank those two policy is belong to hamas movement but there is no no serious accusation have been made towards hamas itself and i think this is evidence is not enough to suspect hamas of killing teenagers at the same time these collation have been for the boss a few days against hamas leaders where the israeli leaders have three thousand two assists and a thomas leaders in the gaza strip despite the fact that the whole incident was in
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hebrew in the wee spank and everything was done there and nothing is connected to the goes astray we can see that to be the israeli cabinet have decided somehow we can understand that a military operation might be launched against the gaza strip indications on the ground we can see them i can witness on the ground in the gaza strip that some israeli troops have been deployed on the does us trade poor to us by the same time warning that assists in nation of hamas leaders were taken place and immediate this is why most if not all of hamas leaders have disappeared from the does a strip. now we've also seen homes being raided many hundreds of arrests being made do you think this is a reciprocal response appropriate reciprocal response to the tragedy of these three deaths. i don't think so and i thought i think this is not appropriate for husbands then student of getting
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a three teenagers in in bank city of here problem this does not justify it all the kidnapping more than five hundred palestinians most of them leaders in a mass in those burn the israeli forces have kidnapped many policy does have killed some policy if you will for the last two weeks i did see him time airstrikes mightly pieces on the does a stream is continuous and even this early morning this caused horrific situation for young families at the same time as we can witness the what happened in the west bank those radio army have launched a wide scale feigns all on the homes of palestinian civilians sometimes even in predicting the windows appearing in the furnitures and the three thinning young people and families this is overwhelming situation which the activities have been taken by there's radio forces in the west bank are not justified by all means now
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chile was kidnapped by hamas in two thousand and six he was eventually released in exchange for more than a thousand palestinian prisoners why was not not eventually the outcome in this situation we have three kidnapped jewish teens why not whoever took them ransom them off for keep them as a kind of bargaining chip. well i think because it was kidnapped by hamas and he was secretly for five years by hamas and hamas is a strong policy movement can keep somebody for this long time can make such a deal in the west bank that kidnapping three teenagers was not was not i think done by hamas because if hamas was such an operation would have made same exchange but this kind of indication that hamas is not involved and this was was mentioned by the chief political bureau of hamas mr kind of mission and he denied
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any responsibility. most likely the musician which was made by the israeli occupation forces the two young palestinians who have done such an incident the kidnapping and killing i don't think those two young palestinians who have done such an incident have any connection with hamas political wing or hamas military wing all right honey thank you for your time. still to come what goes around comes around egypt marking a year since this latest do with once again army man at the helm on the anniversary of mohamed morsi was ousted we take a look at egypt's passion for military rulers. but first is the most extremist group isis has overrun vast swathes of iraq and syria
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and declare the area and islamic caliphate there are fears that they could gain even more ground let's take a look at this map to gain a better understanding of what's going on now this black area you see in between the two countries that is this this area that they have declared their caliphate it's a vast area straddling the existing borders between. area and iraq and isis was able to capture this using fighters who cross the borders of both countries in order to fight despite this success iraq's government still pledges to defeat isis enter reclaim that territory but that could be a very difficult task as lucy covered all reports. islamic fighters proudly show off the squirrels of war military hardware much of it american made seized from the battlefield in neighboring iraq just harvests formally known as isis this week to clear the completion of their islamic state this is a sham but now this is all done and one country is no more or less.
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the iraqi army meanwhile is fighting back in televised news briefings the government takes a victorious tone you know what it is going from the information that the ice is leaders have started to flee but on the ground we found little evidence to back up those claims this used to be a territory controlled by the central government but the iraqi army fled this area the same day that the city of mosul was captured by isis millions of dollars of u.s. made equipment abandoned uniforms shed in pace. now this looks like a perhaps a break from the special forces iraqi special forces this is obviously a vest that they discarded left behind they dressed in civilian clothes ran away essentially abandoned their posts and that's how in part isis has been able to
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seize so much territory so quickly the finding has displaced hundreds of thousands of iraqis that many are scarred by the two thousand and three invasion and describe a sense of deja vu with the current crisis again from two thousand and three it's coming back so it's a disaster actually things are getting worse i want to talk understand first hand how this war was playing out we're on our way right now to one of the frontlines of the villages. up until about five days ago when isis insurgents beat the country but entire territory village sits on a strategic road from mosul the next several of the provinces the city really wanted to access to a benchmark lost soldiers have been able to clear bits of it but there are still clashes ongoing and that's what we're having right now. at the base commanders take us to an outpost overlooking an area controlled by militants this is the very first defensive position against the isis militants currently occupied just two kilometers that way every single day there's been sniper fire attempts by the
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hardest to enter this territory if they can push through the defensive position that they would potentially take your coop and move into the territories and that could be a massive battle just waiting to happen moments later we have to leave we just got word that the isis just might be moving forwards all the soldiers have been told to evacuate this area we're going to get out before things get intense we know that there was clashes last night and we don't want to be here about what and again it was apparent just how who would have conflicts this was the front lines change daily and no matter what military gains each may bring if the iraqi civilians who lose as the war rages on. no poor r t kook presents iraq still to come germany starts a court battle against the us national security agency is the country's federal prosecutor will have to whistleblowers testifying to see how much the german people were spied on by the agency to stay with us from.
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on marriage in the financial world. to goldman's family not stopping c.d.'s only takes no demand to credit. and life there.
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nineteen minutes past the hour now egypt marking its first year since the military coup that led to some of the worst violence the country's seen several arrests made as muslim brotherhood supporters called for a day of rage on the adversary egypt has a long history of military leaders morsi is predecessor hosni mubarak was an air marshal he managed to stay at the helm for thirty years following the country's arab spring mohamed morsi was elected he wasn't a military man. however the revolutions hopes of democracy were quickly dashed by a military coup and once again there's a former army chief in power this time. sisi representative of the arab lawyers
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association thinks egyptians have a lot to discover about their new leader. people of egypt believe that the revolution has been stolen from them if we could if we just look back at their military dictatorship. hosni mubarak they got rid of him they had won you know a state which they didn't like they like they voted for but many people didn't like it but the end result now they have a military regime they have sisi who in my view he's even worse than mubarak that all of the egyptian state and he's doing all the things that even mubarak couldn't do in terms of but he will imprison them in terms of prohibiting people from even demonstrating it's still going through what i think probably see the end of the year with probably a great how. to become the president plenty more a click away on our team dot com including french police playing hide and seek with
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a cop said marsay airport hiding a block of explosives during a training exercise and they forgot where to put it online but how the package could have disappeared for a week. japanese titian bursts into gut wrenching sobs trying to explain how he spent thirty thousand dollars of government money on travel the video and instead you tube it inspiring some copycats as well but on our t.v. out power for more there. are two former n.s.a. employees prepared to reveal details and testify before a german parliamentary committee about n.s.a. surveillance in the country live now artie's peter all over in berlin for the latest. so peter how should we prepare for more revelations about the n.s.a. spying. well it's a very hot topic in germany we'll be waiting to see what comes out of this this
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pilot entry committee this poem and she inquired committee that's ongoing at the moment. basically it's emerged from the leaks that came out from edward snowden that germany was one of the most spied on most listened to countries in the world by the n.s.a. was right up there with the likes of afghanistan and iraq. no. calls huge calls for edward snowden to actually appear. at this hearing now he's being dismissed that he would get any kind of asylum he had there is a growing campaign though to get asylum to edward snowden here in germany but it's believed the fact that there's such close ties with the u.s. and german security services and also between america and barack obama personally that that's going to be a hindrance in it so they'll be no testimony from snowden but we've been waiting to see what thomas drake and william binney have to say as they appear before this
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committee right artie's peter all of our ally for us from berlin with that update thank you. x. mission was among the first internet service providers in the u.s. to shield customers from government eavesdropping pete ashdown is its founder he joins us live with some more insight and analysis on this thank you for joining us here so how hard is it to deny the u.s. government access to your databases and are there any repercussions from that it's not hard at all you essentially need to follow the bill of rights fourth amendment of man a warrant traditionally most requests that we have received from law enforcement and the government did not fall under a proper warrant and we turn them back now one day a group of internet firms from six countries follow the lawsuit against the u.k. intelligence agency g c h q what do you think will be the fallout from that.
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it's hard to say that it's going to have any impact at all i would have loved to of joined the group in filing that lawsuit there are a couple us firms in there as well there is a hard cost in dealing with those kind of attacks on an internet service provider and they have every right to try and receive compensation but whether it's going to try and change the behavior of governments i remain skeptical now a lot of the focus has been on reforming the n.s.a. to keep it from prying into the private data of american citizens is there anything that's being done in order to keep them from doing the same to foreigners. nothing at all and we've seen today that we've seen for the revelations that they're literally spying on every country that they can with the exception of for. in my opinion the n.s.a. as a grew up the agency if i as an individual had undertaken the same actions i would be thrown into prison for thirty years any attempt to reform in my opinion is like
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bailing out the ship that's already sunk they weren't snowden revealed a wide scale surveillance anything really changed since that information became public there have been two attempts by the us congress to try and defund the n.s.a. both which of failed my opinion is the us congress is more interested in being paranoid and aggressive than taking care of americans needs like health and education and science so i don't have a lot of optimism that much is going to change at all. the n.s.a. is destroyed and shut down completely. why did companies like verizon provide information to the government then. i think a lot of these companies that provided wholesale spying information were trying to curry favor with the government a lot of them get. grants and and contracts from the government tax breaks and they don't want to be on the bad side of the u.s. government they want to make money for their shareholders and that's the bottom
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line it's not the privacy of their customers. and one more question briefly the recently the u.s. supreme court handed down decision unanimously saying that police needed to get a warrant in order to look into the mobile phone data of american citizens do you think the supreme court may eventually consider a case against the n.s.a. or and they may be able to weigh in on this in some way. i would hope so mass surveillance is not covered by the fourth amendment of the constitution you have to have a specific warrant against a specific cause. and it does it's just not supported so it's encouraging to see the supreme court holding up the fourth amendment but we need to see a lot more cases come forward before the n.s.a. start to see any real impact on that all right pete ashdown from exhibition thank you for your time thank you. aaron aid and boom bust coming your way after this short break art international stay with us
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. yes it's official the mainstream media must be made up of stereotypical gossipy teenage girls i mean how else can you explain the fact that michelle obama using the term chipped has become a scandal i don't white house summit on working families mrs obama explained that when she was working part time she realized she was getting chipped because she was actually king full time but only getting paid the part time salary technically the term shift is somewhat racist it implies a gypsy's are all con men but in the modern world i think most people don't even know where the term comes from i doubt michelle obama likes a medieval peasant shield her children from wandering gypsies who could give them the evil eye i seriously question if there was any deep racial intent in the statement i personally would let the first lady off the hook but the question is
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would she do the same for me or any other person in the media probably not but thankfully for mrs obama she can't be fired from being the first lady only divorced or her husband's term ends now for me and every other person saying their opinion on camera we've got to be a lot more careful but that's just my opinion. i. do believe that people in ukraine should have been. given an opportunity to vote to have a background on whether or not they want to sign this agreement actually number one i mean looking to the post public opinion poll i don't think really that is said to divisive as you say my number two. i'm not against her for and in particular were of sure a friend of mine if you sort of passed part of your super initiative to see you situations. let's say and in brussels then i think it's up to the people to decide .
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crosstalk rules in effect that means you can jump in anytime you want.
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hello there i marinate it this is boom bust and these are some of the stories that we're tracking for you today. first up sex discrimination lawsuits are abound this week and one old school company goldman sachs and one new school company tender are both having to answer to their questionable behavior we'll tell you all about it coming right up and then you know alpert is on the program today he's the author of the age of oversupply and he's sitting down with me live this afternoon to discuss the economic limbo that the u.s. seems to be kind of stuck in right now and sports headlines this week have been dominated by i don't know. maybe a little bit of it.


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